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Sunday, September 19, 2010



TEEJ, itself, is being a festival for gathering and sharing among women on the issues of dissatisfactions and discontents. Now days, it has been changing from dissatisfaction and discontents to the information and sensitization among different social issues.

On the occasion of TEEJ festival, “paschim paaila” initiated a TEEJ SPECIAL HIKING@ Dhulikhel on 11th September in which 21 youths from “paschim paaila” and others were participated. The hiking program was one approach for making community sensitized along with the refreshing hiking tour on the occasion of the wonderful TEEJ day. Fellowship among youths and sensitization on water, sanitation and hygiene as social issues among community people was two objectives of the hiking.

The major activities done during the hiking tour were visiting significantly important different places of Dhulikhel such as Kali temple, peace monastery, Shiva temple, park, etc, playing games, practicing leaderships, sanitation program and teej day sanitation folk song presentation and dancing. The environment created by the participants themselves for teej dohori was really appreciable. “At first we got confused for requesting didis’ (sisters) to participate on our song, but later we requested them and convince them and we enjoyed together, also spread our sanitation message through the teej special folk songs.”, said Kamala KC, one participant from “paschim paaila”.
Overall, the program was really adorable, memorable and informative according the objectives of the program. “It can be taken as a learning hike.” Said, one participant.