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Monday, February 21, 2011

School WASH Awareness Program at Pharping Community of Kathmandu

School WASH Awareness Program at Pharping Community of Kathmandu

By: Sasmita Poudel
School WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Awareness program was conducted at two schools of Pharping with joint collaboration of St. Xavier’s College and “paschim-paaila” on 18 feburary, 2011.

The main objectives of the program were to make school students aware and increase the importance of safe drinking water, proper hygiene and sanitation, hand washing to the school children. The program was targeted to the students of Primary level in Junkiri Community School and students of Lower secondary in the students of the Setidevi Secondary School.

“Even though it was a small effort, this will help them directly and indirectly to practice hygienic behavior and live a healthy life” Sasmita Poudel, “paschim paaila” said. The Program was divided into different three sessions at both Schools but the contents and techniques were used differently as per required with the input of sensitizing Poem, Song, Demonstration, Group discussion, game, etc.

The practice of hand washing by the students at the tap after getting session was very remarkable one. This is also a reminding fact that investing on WASH can replicate nine times more benefits.