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Thursday, November 25, 2010

HANDWASHING STATION kicked off by CA member Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa

HANDWASHING STATION kicked off by CA member Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa

Written by: Phurba Sange Moktan
On the occasion of Global Handwashing day 2010, HANDWASHING STATION was kicked off from the honorable Constitution Assembly member Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa on 15th November, 2010 at New-Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

Global handwashing day, which has been observing since 2008 along with more than 80 countries, was decided to observe from November 15, shifting one month later than the international date in Nepal for this year due to the famous festival, Dashain and Tihar. The theme for this year was “THE DAY, MORE THAN JUST A DAY”. paschim paaila in collaboration with ENPHO, CAWST and other stakeholders jointly raised hands for campaigning to raise mass awareness, promote hygiene behavior and lift up advocacy through the campaign entitled, “HYGIENE AND SANITATION” Campaign-10, in which various sorts of activities has been organized and will continue up to the end of November, 2010. Among them, HANDWASHING STATION was one of the most sensitizing events which have inaugurated from Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa with washing hands with soap and having commitment for continuity to make it more than just a day. Dr. Suman Kumar Shakya, Executive director of ENPHO also shared his some valuable words regarding the event and approach, which has also been very supportive. Youths from different institutions, college students from near by Colleges, school children, pedestrians, local people, paschim paaila volunteers, ENPHO staffs, etc. were participated on the event.
Mr. Phurba Sange Moktan, Campaign Coordinator said,“HANDWASHING STATION was designed as a dynamic place for sensitizing the issue of handwashing with soap, which does not only contain the hand washing facilities but also has the accessibility of soaps as well for helping to foster the local culture of handwashing with soap.” The campaign run from 15th - 19th November, 2010 on different parts of Kathmandu such as New-Baneshwor, Chabahil, Ratnapark and Bagbazar area in which some major activites were handwashing with soap, commitment collection, playing game-HIT THE GERM, demonstration of correct time and techniques to wash hands with soap, etc. About 500 people directly involved with handwashing and commitment signing. Indirectly, More than 10000 people got sensitized from the campaign.

“Though it’s just a small effort, it definitely has become the remarkable one.” Said, Mr. Ram Maharjan, Campaign facilitator.

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