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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Experts View: Sanitation in Nepal on WASH FORUM

Experts View: Sanitation in Nepal on WASH FORUM 

 By: Dibit Aryal
Focusing the present scenario of sanitation an interaction series on the topic “Sanitation in Nepal: Past, Present & Future” views of expert and the perspectives of youths was discussed and shared in a program conducted on 30th August, 2012 as a part of WASH FORUM, August discussion series.
Mr. Kamal Adhikari, sanitation expert from UN- Habitat shared his experience regarding the sanitation issues in Nepal which is also one of the neglected topics among people. He expressed his feelings towards sanitation process in Nepal and as well as the reason behind to write his book “Sanitation in Nepal: Past, Present & Future”.  He discussed about the triggering methods and problems regarding the implementation phase of development projects about health and sanitation. Mr. Adhikari thoroughly explained his book briefly in the series of Past, Present and Future of sanitation. Beside that he also discussed the scenario of local and international NGO’s who comes with different ideas and fund but cannot achieve the goal as per the people’s requirement of sanitation process.

Following the session, Ms. Kamala K.C. Coordinator of WASH Resource Centre, Pokhara, expressed her views regarding the book written by Mr. Adhikari. She said, “If we want to change the situation we first had to change ourselves and to change ourselves effectively, we first have to change our perception”. Participants form 15 different institutions were the part of the sharing and discussion program.

At last the certificates were distributed among the participant of the debate program which was organized by Paschim Paaila on International Youth Day, 12th August, 2012