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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

“Emergency Response & WASH interventions @ Flood/landslides affected areas of Central/Mid-Western Nepal”

WASH FORUM September series “Emergency Response & WASH interventions @ Flood/landslides affected areas of Central/Mid-Western Nepal”

Paschim Paaila in collaboration with ENPHO organized its 31th series of WASH forum on Emergency Response & WASH interventions to Flood/landslides affected areas of Central/Mid-Western Nepal” on 26th September 2014 at ENPHO Hall, Thapagaun. The objective of the discussion program was to share emergency response & WASH interventions to flood/landslide affected area of central / mid-western Nepal and to understand the role, youth can play towards emergency response. Mr. Rajesh Dhungel, Regional Emergency Food Security & Livelihood Capacity Builder, OXAM (Asia) was the key speaker for this interaction program. Total 27 participants from different colleges, organizations and institution actively participated in the WASH Forum.

Ms. Sabuna Gamal, Facilitator from Paschim paaila briefly introduced about WASH Forum and highlighted the objectives of the program which was followed by welcome speech by Mr. Bipin Dangol, Program manager at ENPHO where he welcomed the participants inter- relating the topic to be discussed and story behind the establishment of paschim paaila. He mentioned discussion on that topic was very relevant. 

Mr. Rajesh Dhungel shared his experiences on emergency response and WASH interventions to Nepal and other Asian country highlighting on the current WASH response on the flood/landslide affected areas of three districts (Bardia, Banke, Surkhet) of Nepal. He shared about the poor situation of WASH response in those areas as WASH is neglected during emergency responses which may create another disaster in those areas. During program he shared about three important part of the WASH response (Public health promotion, advocacy and structural aspects) and he motivated youth to be involved on the public health promotion and advocacy.

There was shared experience about the situation of the affected areas of Dang and activities which he conducted collaborating with local youth and Red Cross with the handover of Piyush.

Mr. Buddha Bajracharya, Network Coordinator of Paschim Paaila delivered thanks to the resource person and to the participants with motivating youth to be the part of upcoming college knowledge sharing campaign and Deusi-Vailo program of paschim Paaila  and finally concluded the program by appreciating the resource person with token of love.


On the occasion of Dashain 2071, Paschim Paaila organized WASH-MANDU HIKING and CHANGA CHET MELA on 20th September, 2014 at Seto Ghar (White House), Way to Champadevi. The objectives of the program was sharing WASH knowledge among participants and disseminating information regarding WASH and disaster to community through kites. There was 30 youths which were divided into four groups: Water optimizer, Sanitation Trigger, Hygiene Promoter and Rapid Responder, hiking route started from Chalnakhel. After one hour long walk everyone reached to the destiny viewing beautiful natural scenario of Kathmandu valley passing through the pathway.

With interesting and innovative game facilitated by Mr. Roshan Chaulagain and Ms. Urmila Lama, introduction of participants were done. Active participation of participants made the game really interesting. After introduction round following short lunch break, all participants were all set to fly the kite with message related to WASH and disaster. Each group were given task to compose the message to be written in the kites as per their group name. Unfortunately rain disturbed the program but the participants were not in the mood to be disturbed by rain so there was started the musical program which cherished the environment. There was also flied flying lantern from the top. Despite some changes in schedule, event was ended with scheduled time and participants returned with wonderful knowledge of WASH and Disaster and very good and unforgettable memories.