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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paschim Paaila spreading messages: “Not to forget to implement what you know, in your daily life”

Paschim Paaila spreading messages: “Not to forget to 
 implement what you know, in your daily life”.

Raising awareness through orientations, campaigns and trainings has its effect for short time period. People have habit of forgetting what they have been taught in such programs. What we see we keep in mind and remember it for long period rather than what we learn in any classes.

Art grabs your attention whether it is displayed on paper or another material. As long as it conveys its message the right way, it will inspire people; irrespective of the canvas. Wall painting is one of these media of inspiring art that has attracted people since day one. Wall paintings are popular all over the world, and its popularity is increasing day by day as evidenced by its prevalence on houses, offices, exhibitions, restaurants and other buildings.

In this regards, taking wall painting as an effective tool to raise awareness on water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) promotion, Paschim Paaila conducted wall painting program at Tika Higher Secondary School, Sanepa on 22nd March, 2013. Mr. Dan Archer, drawing facilitator, along Ms. Baba, Principal of Tika School, with 15 students of Tika School presented their creativity through wall painting. In order to grab the attention the paintings were made on different cartoon characters disseminating the messages themselves. Ms. Manisha Thapaliya, Media Coordinator of Paschim Paaila, coordinated overall program with school. “Wall painting ideas are really good. We had fun and acquired very important messages through this program”- answered one student at Tika School.

 4 out of 10 people only adopt what they learn in their daily life, even though they are aware and they know about the consequences of overlooking those situations. To show the consequences of overlooking circumstances and to make community realize about the importance of WASH and what they are missing in their daily life, drama was showed at Lagankhel, Lalitpur and Bhugol Park, Kathmandu on 22nd March, 2013 to mark World Water Day-2013.With that, drawing disseminating message of Water and Disaster Preparedness, that were painted by students of 26 different school with in Kathmandu Valley were exhibited.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Paschim Paaila welcomes new Paaila’s through WASH Concern Workshop

Paschim Paaila welcomes new Paaila’s through WASH Concern Workshop

Youth WASH Concern Workshop which intends to share information regarding WASH among youths and empower them for the betterment of their surrounding environments was successfully conducted at the premises of Thames College, Old Baneshwor on 2nd March 2013 with total participation of 23.This was the 5th WASH Concern Workshop jointly organized by Paschim Paaila and ENPHO.

The program was facilitated by Ms. Merina Shakya, Network coordinator of Paschim Paaila. Expectation form the participants were collected before the initiation of the session and also ground rule was made in order to achieve the expectation. The program was facilitated by Ms. Kamala KC sharing about “WATER & HYGIENE”. She revealed WASH situation in Nepal with the fact that every year more than 10,500 child die due to poor hygiene. Next the session was started with Mr. Kashi Kant Thakur, form ENPHO facilitated on the topic “SANITATION AND WASTE MANAGEMENT”.  With Pictorial presentation Mr. Thakur made all participants aware about the shocking situation of sanitation within the city and all over Nepal.
 In order to motivate Youths, Mr. Pradip Pariyar, (Youth Activist) President of Nepal Youth Forum  shared his experiences and inspire us to initiate positive thinking , not only positive but also appreciative thinking in title “WHY NOT YOUTH?”
To put forward the need of “PERSONAL HYGENE AND HYGIENE PROMOTION”, Mr. Phurba Sange Moktan, our very own WASH man, pointed out that personal hygiene not only includes bathing and hand washing but everything from tip of the head till the top of the toe. Mr. Moktan demonstrated the healthy hand washing technique and listed out the roles of hygiene promoters i.e. each of us.

Ms. Merina Shakya then took over the session where she showed youths a way to achieve things as they want and involved them in a group discussion where participants had to speak out one of their best idea on how to utilize what they have learnt during the session. Four groups came out with 4 ideas of dissimilating the information by conducting sharing program in Aama group, in Trichandra college, in government school.

The session concluded with handing over the certification of appreciation to all the participants. Ms. Lalita Basnet was crowned as “Best WASH ambassador” and was handed over the hygiene kit. After thanking Resource Persons and handing over Token of love the session finally came to an end with thanking Paschim Paaila Team namely Mr. Sujan Manandhar, Mr. Roshan Chaulagain, Ms. Manisha Thapaliya, Mr. Dibit Aryal and last but not the least Ms. Merina Shakya for their immense support and cooperation.  


Talking about Role of youth in WASH and development

Talking about Role of youth in WASH and development

With the mutual effort of Paschim Paila and Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), WASH Forum shares a common platform for Knowledge sharing and advocacy regarding water, sanitation and hygiene and disasters/epidemics. In this forum, basically current issues, concerns and initiatives of WASH are focused along with cross-cutting issues and it even tries to address the voices of diversified youth, communities and others. 

With an objective to provide an opportunity for social interaction and knowledge sharing on WASH and its role on development and to critically analyze Youth’s role in development, February series of WASH Forum entitled “Bond between WASH and Development: Opportunities for Youth” was successfully conducted on 22nd February 2013 at ENPHO hall, Thapaguan.

Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Country Representative, Water Aid Nepal was the key speaker of February series of WASH forum which had total of 25 participants. Mr. Tiwari during his sharing program highlighted the importance of Data driven advocacy and with various examples proved its effectiveness. He motivated the youths to have their approach data driven because data have their own life, and are very powerful. He encouraged youths to play with data and feel its impact.

Mr. Tiwari with his long experience he engaged the participants to search for some opportunities that immediately serves mankind, which really addresses the problem. Few results of that brainstorming was Bio gas plant in community, Composting, proper solid waste management, small scale urban agriculture, dry eco-san, reduction in use of plastic in  household and etc. He clarify that there is no lack of good ideas but there is lack of packaging and selling it. 

He suggested all the participants not to be limited only up to raising awareness and act on increasing knowledge because people know, but they just do not act upon them. So think of something and get going in the direction is how he concluded.

On a Question raised, “Even we try to do things people does not help us. They are not even ready to listen to us. How shall we pursue then?”, he had replied, “First of all we have to find someone whom they listen and then only pursue, you know, we have to move according to this society”.
The program was facilitated by Roshan Chaulagain. Mr. Rajesh Adhikari Promotional Manager of ENPHO rejuvenated the participants with his motivating concluding lines.

By: Manisha Thapaliya