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Paschim Paaila


As a working modules and initiatives, "paschim paaila" has been working with creating following different 6 (six) avenues:
1. Technical Development Avenue
 It constitutes the avenue which mainly focus to empower knowledge, attitude and behavior. Different Trainings, workshops and other capacity building activities will be carried out on behalf of this avenue. 

2. Advocacy Avenue
Social advocacy initiatives will be conducted under this avenue. Current issues are put forward in mass through advocacy avenue.

3. Campaign Avenue
As the activities and initiatives are increasing, the role of Campaign Development Avenue is being crucial. This  avenue is focusing on initiating, innovating, strengthening, promoting, executing, replicating, and sustaining the different campaign initiatives.

4. Research and Project Development Avenue
Researches regarding WASH are carried out under this avenue. Also, projects related to the issues of WASH, Emergencies and Youths are also the major parts for creating healthy communities, which are initiated under project development avenue with the innovation of different projects, concept development, planing, executing ideas. Different projects has been conducting under such 

5. Media and Communication Advocacy Avenue
As a part of advocacy, media advocacy is also emphasizing where different cooperation, coordination and collaboration are conducting.

6. Network Development Avenue
To build the network, strengthen the organizational development and  expand collaboration, network development avenue has been created. Different initiatives and activities are carried out under this avenue.