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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Youth WASH Concern Workshop- VII series

Youth WASH Concern Workshop- VII series
Two days Youth WASH Concern workshop (WCW) was successfully conducted on 21st and 22nd December 2013 organized by Paschim Paaila and ENPHO at Thames College. There were 22 youth participants from different college of Kathmandu valley. The overall objective of the WCW is to enhance the knowledge of WASH and disaster, to empower the capacities, motivate among youth and to boost the leadership capacities among the youth.

The program was coordinated by Mr. Roshan Chaulagain. The facilitators for the whole WCW were Mr. Bipin Dangol, Program Manager ENPHO on “Water management” and Mr. Raman Nepali Activist on “WASH youth leadership”, Mr. Phurba Sange Moktan, District WASH Coordinator UN-HABITAT on “Sanitation Commons and Triggering”, Ms. Kamala KC, Executive Board member PP on “Health and hygiene and Behavior change communication”, Ms. Merina Shakya, Project Officer ENPHO on WASH on Disaster, Mr. Buddha Bajracharya, Network coordinator on “Water and health”.

Two days workshop highlighted many aspects of WASH such as participants were able to know detail knowledge about food hygiene and menstrual hygiene as well. The session were conducted through various tools and techniques such as PowerPoint presentations, audio visuals, different group works, sharing of the cases, games, demonstration etc. during the sessions all the participants had active and energetic participation. At the end of the all session there were group work to collect the feedback and to develop WASH action project which participants committed to complete in near future with the technical support of Paschim Paaila.

Monday, December 2, 2013

WASH Leadership Hiking 7th Series at Nagarjun Height

On the occasion of World Toilet Day 2013 Paschim Paaila organized hiking at Nagarjun Height. There were 90 energetic hikers from various institutions and parts of Kathmandu valley to celebrate World Toilet Day. The Resource person for the event was Mr. Himmat Singh Lekali. The main objective of the event was to learn with Fun on WASH issues and to boost the Leadership among the participants. The event was full fun with many leadership activities and WASH knowledge. The participants of the event were divided into four group named as Water group (Blue), Sanitation group (Red), Hygiene group (Green) and Rapid Responders (Orange) respectively.
The event was facilitated by Mr. Buddha Bajracharya. The whole day event included WASH quiz, balloon game, some games of rope etc. which were facilitated by Lekali Himmat Singh, Buddha Bajracharya and Roshan Chaulagain. Since there were some games, adding all points of each group, Sanitation group was declared as winner of the event. The event also included sharing of Mr. Lekali's motivational speech.

During the hiking the Hikers enjoyed the natural beauty of the Nagarjun Height. At the beginning of the Hiking some of the participants felt tired but as soon as all the participants reached top of the Nagarjun and viewed the mesmerizing Mountains just right in front of them all the tiring moments were forgotten. The whole hiking was package of fun with learn, so the hikers found the event very much fruitful and motivational.

Written By: Ms. Urmila Lama