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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Celebrated World Water Day 2019

WASH Mela and Awareness Campaign

ENPHO and Paschim Paaila, on the occasion of World Water Day 2019, organized ‘WASH Mela and Awareness Camapaign’ at Barahatal Rural Municipality and Bheriganga Municipality, Surkhet from 18-22 March, 2019. The program was organized in collaboration with the project WASH SDG Nepal Implementation with support of WASH Alliance International (WAI). Five active volunteers of Paschim Paaila from Kathmandu were engaged for the program.

March 18, 2019-WASH Mela Stall at Baddichaur, Barahatal Rural Municipality
On the first day of week-long program, a stall was placed at Baddichaur of Barahatal Rural Municipality, Surkhet delivering information on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) with the key messages on use of safe water and sanitation. In stall, models of Eco-San toilet and rainwater harvesting were displayed along with posters and flyers. During the stall placement, volunteers also performed Flash Mob to attract the mass.

More than 52 community people along with Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Chief Administration officer, Ward President of Barahatal Rural Municipality of Ward -5 and government official visited the stall.

March 19, 2019-Orientation at School and Door to Door visit
On Second day, an orientation program at Jana Jyoti Secondary School and door to door visit campaign was organized. The orientation program was organized as basic WASH orientation program for students of class four and five and orientation on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) for students of class eight. Altogther 50 students participated on basic WASH orientation program and 50 students participated on MHM.

Apart from orientation at school, door to door visit campaign was organized to disseminate knowledge on WASH at households of Baddichaur, Barahatal Rural Municipality. More than 100 general public were oriented reaching about 22 households in the areas of Vyakune, Apaane and Saal ghari.

March 21, 2019- WASH Mela Stall at Jaghare, Bheriganga Municipality
On fourth day, WASH Mela stall was placed at Jaghare of Bheriganga Municipality. The WASH Mela stall focused on delivering the message on water purification options, importance of handwashing, models of rainwater harvesting and Eco-San toilet similar to the stall placement at Baddichaur. More than 80 general public visited the stall including women, children and old people. As feedback provided by participants of WASH Mela, the information disseminated were very fruitful as they still lacked knowledge on need of water purification for clean water to make it safe that could prevent them from diarrheal diseases.

March 22, 2019- WASH Mela Stall at Chhinchu Bazar, Bheriganga Municipality
On fifth day, WASH Mela stall was placed at Chinchu bazar of Bheriganga Municipality. General public were informed about WASH Mela stall through miking and door to door visit. Similar to fourth day, message related to water purification options, importance of handwashing, menstrual hygiene management, rainwater harvesting and Eco-San toilet was disseminated. Apart from stall, general public were informed by visiting hotels, shops and bus stands. More than 150 people were disseminated information through the stall and visit at door step.

A week-long event and campaign helped to raise awareness among general public including children, women and old, and government officials. The program grabbed the attention of general public and government officials for improving WASH status and motivated to have to step forward for total sanitation status of the area.

Facebook Photo Competition

On the occasion of World Water Day- 2019, Paschim Paaila and ENPHO organized Facebook Photo Competition. The competition was organized with an objective to mark the World Water Day-2019 and to spread message about World Water Day to leave no one behind with management of faecal sludge management for safe water through photos on social media.

Paschim Paaila and ENPHO called for submission of Photos with appropriate caption on the Theme “LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND: FAECAL SLUDGE MANAGEMENT FOR SAFE WATER” from 11 to 17 March, 2019. Selected 11 photos were shared on facebook of Paschim Paaila for competition of likes through 19 to 22 March, 2019. Three winners were selected from selected photos based on facebook likes and through judgment committee on 22 March, 2019.

The winners of Facebook Photo Competition are:

First Place- Ms. Deepkala Rai, Kepilashgadi, Khotang                                  

Do not let the slogan just remain on wall- proper manage of drainage along house is very essential.

                  Second Place Mr. Tarka Chalaune, Kamalbazar Municipality-5, Achham                         

Looking for Safe water through polluted source.

Third Place- Ms. Rita Malekar, Bholanchhen-6, Bhaktapur

If we disturb water cycle it will disturb our life cycle.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Learning Sharing on Writing Skills: Case Studies, News and Bulletin

Paschim Paaila, has been organizing the learning and Sharing program for the internal team members to enhance skills and share knowledge within the team members. The Learning Sharing on Writing skills was organized on March 13, 2019 at ENPHO, Thapagaun, New Baneshowr. With an objective to enhance the knowledge on writings, of news, case studies and bulletins, internal team member and selected participants of Youth WASH Concern Workshop-XV Series were participated in the program.

Ms. Rosy Singh, Resource Centre Manager of ENPHO, resided as a resource person for the program. Participants were shared about the steps and the contents of writing the news, case studies, and bulletin with discussion and examples. Altogether 4 active and new members of Paschim Paaila attended the learning sharing event.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Youth WASH Concern Workshop-XV Series

Mr. Buddha Bajracharya, President of Paschim Paaila as Resource Person
Youth WASH Concern Workshop (YWCW) is regular program of Paschim Paaila in collaboration with ENPHO to enhance capacity of youths in the WASH sector. This two days 15th “Youth WASH Concern Workshop - XV Series” was organized in the Thames International College, Old Baneshowr on 9 and 10 March, 2019. The main objective of the workshop was to capacitate youths as WASH ambassadors empowering with WASH knowledge and to take initiatives to sensitize community to become environmentally healthy. 

Participants of YWCW-XV Series
The workshop incorporated group activities and presentations from resource persons to improve knowledge and skills of participants to advocate to improve WASH status. The workshop integrated the components of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Fecal Sludge Management (FSM), Behavior Change Communication (BCC) and Emergency including basics of WASH such as status of WASH, drinking water treatment options, sanitation status and  policy and hygiene promotion.

Participants were provided with motivational session on Youth Leadership in WASH. At the end, participants also shared group-wise plans of actions as their initiatives as a WASH leader to promote the knowledge on WASH to the people of selected community/slum and students of school/college.

Altogether 19 active students of public health, environmental science, social work, development studies and civil engineering faculties attended the program.