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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vailo vs. Sanitation: Youths’ engagement for Nuwakot School WASH initiatives

Vailo vs. Sanitation: Youths’ engagement for Nuwakot School WASH initiatives

By: Buddha Bajracharya
Vailo Team of “paschim paaila” reunited together to fulfill its major objective to manage water supply and sanitation in Lamagaun primary school, Thangsing VDC, Nuwakot District on 20th January, 2012 with the proactive engagement of 20 youths (Paailas). 

This visit was most awaited, so each member enjoyed to the fullest of the visit. The students were divided into two groups and awareness classes were conducted to students from one to five classes. The students were very much interested about the class in which they enjoyed hand washing techniques; WASH Docu-show, WASH Games, etc. Furthermore, a WASH Circle of 7 members was formed according to the activeness of the students from each class. Leadership to coordinate WASH Circle was given to Ms. Menuka Lama, teacher of same school, so that WASH Circle activities can be conducted smoothly. Similarly, feasibility study for water management was also done at the school.

Alongside, a meeting was conducted with the School Management Team, parents and community leaders. Mr. Kari Yadav, Principal shared that they were very happy and have their strong commitment. Likewise, Mr. Lalit Tamang, president, School Management Committee, expressed his happiness regarding the initiatives of “paschim paaila”. The meeting took its end with great achievements, commitments and also it was finalized to conduct another meeting soon fixing the date. “This trip to Nuwakot went successful with active participation of all the Paailaas and furthermore the water and sanitation management system is soon going to be managed in this school as a part of next step from the PP-Vailo Team”. Said by Mr. Sujan Manandhar, team member.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Solidarity on Walkathon Program for Earthquake Safety

Solidarity on Walkathon Program for Earthquake Safety

By: Dibit Aryal
There are different types of sports played in the modern days. Many of the games are played for the competition purpose to win the prizes. But on the day of 21st January many of the participants were present to play the game for cause. The cause was preparedness for the disaster risk reduction and the game was walkathon.  

According to the data published by different organization there are many such places in Nepal which in the risk of disaster. The program was organized by the national society for earthquake technology (NSET) to raise the awareness among the public about the safety measures to be taken during and after the period of earthquake. Youths from “paschim paaila” showed the solidarity along with Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS), Disaster Preparedness Network Nepal (DPNet), Eco Nepal, Oxfam Nepal, Government officials from home ministry, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal Army and other organizations.

The walkathon was organized in Kirtipur municipal area and route was of 3.5 km around Kirtipur. Many of the participants were youths as well many of were from different age groups. The walkathon was formally started by the state minister for home ministry by cutting the ribbon. After the inauguration the minister himself walked along the mass. The march pass was being observed by the people from the local area and were very interested about the preparedness that has been made to reduce the risk of disaster in our country. Around 400 to 500 participants were present on the walkathon program. 

All the speakers sensitized the participants as well as the visitors over there. The interesting part of the program was that there was a lucky draw program after the completion of walkathon in which the 10 lucky winners were announced and presented the emergency bag which can be used during the disaster period for minimum 3 days. After the prize distribution the program was formally closed by thanks speech from Mr. Amod Mani Dixit, NSET.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Signature Campaign for endorsing Disaster Management Bill

Signature Campaign for endorsing Disaster Management Bill

By: Merina Shakya
As a part of National Advocacy Campaign on Disaster Management, “paschim paaila” in coordination with DPNet Nepal, YDRR and other national/international organizations conducted a week long signature campaign for endorsing Disaster Management Bill from January 16-23, 2012 on different landmark areas of Kathmandu Valley.

After signing from Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Babu Ram Bhattarai and Famous Actress, Ms. Rekha Thapa, nominated as Advocacy Ambassador, at the exhibition on the first day for showing the solidarity kicked off the signature campaign. The key objective of the campaign was to get the Disaster Management Bill endorsed by government as soon as possible.   The campaign was intended to increase public awareness to understand disaster management, its need and disaster risk reduction, to increase public voice for the policy provision in the sector of disaster management and to create pressure to the policy makers, governmental authorities and concern bodies regarding disaster management.

Different areas within the valley were selected for the whole campaign including areas like Bhaktapur Durbar Square Area, Sano Thimi, Madhyapur Thimi, Kamalbinayak ,Suryabinayak, Patan Dhoka, Mangalbazar,Lagankhel etc. People appreciated and wanted to know more about the campaign and showed their interest on the topic. However, some people raised question like -“Will this campaign really work for what you people are thinking to do?”  Overall campaign has found as appreciable work where general public knew about the Disasters its management and requirement of policy.