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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knowing "paschim paaila"

"paschim paaila" is an informal youth network of various youths and youth organizations, youth clubs, youth committees, etc. having common interest on "environmental health and emergencies" as a social responsibility. It had formed after the outbreak of Diarrhoea/Cholera epidemic in Mid and Far Western region of Nepal with the strong feelings and needs of a youth network to encounter with the environmental health emergencies with the wild force of mutual collaboration and cooperation with youth organizations and institutions ensuring environmently sound and healthy communities.

The vision is to create environmently sound and healthy communities for sustainable development.

The mission is to make Nepal free from all kinds of environmental and health emergencies through youths followed by the mission statement, “Youth initiative for healthy communities”

The goal is to contribute for the attainment of the highest level of health of the people.

  • To raise the issues and enhances the voices of the community through youth empowerment and community participation.
  • To research the present status, problems, strengths, challenges and future implications of issues related to environmental health and emergencies.
  • To act to reduce the risk of health before, during and after emergencies.
  • To organize various environmental health events having national and international significance.
  • To build network and expand collaboration with institutions, national and international organizations having similar objectives and common interest.
  • To organize the capacity building programs, trainings and workshops to strengthen the network and its partner youth organizations and institutions.
  • To represent the youths in national policy/decision making bodies, associations, conferences and various programs through environmental health advocacy.
1. Youth empowerment through capacity building
2. Youth to youth approach
3. Mass communication and media advocacy
4. Maintain sustainability
5. Institutional development
6. Resource mobilization
7. Social marketing

  1. "Paaila” campaign – A youth led initiative in response to the diarrhea/cholera epidemic in Mid and Far Western region of Nepal
  2. “My Commitment, Safe Hands” – A campaign for observing Global Handwashing Day-09, 15th October, 2009
  3. “Putting Ecological Sanitation (ECOSAN) In Focus” – A orientation program for observing World Toilet Day-09, 19th November, 2009
  4. Rs. 1 contribution to "paschim paaila" - A regular contribution of Nrs. 1 per day from each and every person who wants to donate for the preparedness programs and events of  "paschim paaila". 
  5. BHAKTAPUR DRINKING WATER QUALITY ANALYSIS PROGRAM – A part of program entitled Urban Drinking Water Quality Analysis Campaign led by ENPHO. 
  6. “PHOTO EXHIBITION” on The Longest Toilet Queue Campaign 
  7. Slide 12Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Quality Testing Campaign-10, 17th to 31st March, 2010
  8. "Putting the Sustainable Waste Management in Focus"-A waste management training with collaboration with ENPHO 
  1. SANIHEALTH CONCERN” - A blog of newsarticles collection on the issues of environmental health and emergencies.
  2. WASH Forum – A regular interaction program on environment health and emergencies.
  3. DAY IN FOCUS” - Celebration of nationally and internationally important day/events related to environmental health. 
  4. Training/workshop/seminar conduction for youth empowerment and capacity building.
The membership is open to all interested youth and youth organizations, clubs, institutions, etc. having similar objectives and common interests.

Contact information:
“paschim paaila”…towards health community
Tel No: 01-4468641
Email: paschimpaaila.nepal@gmail.com
Web: www.paschim-paaila.blogspot.com,

Secretariat by:
Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO),
110/25-Adarsha Marg, New Baneshwor
P. O. Box:-4102, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: - +977-1-443188, 4468641
Fax: - +977-1-4491376
Email: enpho@mail.com.np
Web: http://www.enpho.org/

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