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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Awareness Drama at Lamagaun, Nuwakot

Awareness Drama at Lamagaun, Nuwakot

By: Phurba Sange Moktan
An awareness drama program was organized at the Local School of Lamagaun village, Nuwakot district on 3rd January 2011,

The program was organized with the financial support of WAPIC Project entitled, “Water Pasteurization through Improved Cook Stove” financially supported by Water Aid Nepal (WAN) and being implemented by Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO). The program was targeted to all the students of the school and their parents who are the residents of the village. The main objectives of the program were to make aware and increase the importance of proper sanitation, hand washing and safe drinking water to the school children and community people, in which drama was chosen as a technique to disseminate messages.

The dissemination of the key messages that form the basis of healthy living through a medium of entertainment was definitely spell bounding to all the mass gathered. The innovative way of awareness generations was definitely an eye opener to the villagers who are living without proper sanitation and hygiene.

“We not just sensitize community people but became able to add a brick, at least towards the healthy communities.” Ms. Neha said who was played as energetic and aware daughter in the drama. Around 10 youth volunteers were engaged on the awareness program at Lamagaun village of Nuwakot.

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