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Monday, August 15, 2011

Skill development on Biosand Filter Construction

Skill development on Biosand Filter Construction

By: Giri Raj Khatri

With the aim of increasing youth entrepreneurship among urban youths, skill of youths was enhanced through Biosand filter construction training. Eleven community youths were trained on four days with hands on practices. Biosand filter is low cost household water treatment technology and it removes almost all kind of water born diseases and very applicable in household level.

The expert team from CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology) and ENPHO (Environment and Public Health Organization) facilitated the training sessions. Both concrete and plastic biosand filter construction training was provided to the participants. "Biosand filter is useful in household level for water filtration and it removes all kinds of pathogens and other minerals like iron and also, it operates more than 30 years after once installed", said Betman Bhandari, International Advisor, CAWST. "In case of addition of Iron pin in top of the filter, it removes harmful minerals like Arsenic and helps to enhance quality of health as well", he added.

"In Africa, Asia and in Nepal, lots of youths start their small business in biosand filter and demand of this filter is increasing day by day because the water quality is decreasing with different type of contamination", said Bipin Dangol, ENPHO and also he shared some successful story of Nepalese youths as well. After completion of the training youths were also shows their high eager to manufacture the filter if they got any support from any other stakeholders.

Finally the training session was closed with remarks and certificate distribution from Dr. Suman Kumar Shakya, Executive Director, ENPHO.

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