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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Solidarity on Walkathon Program for Earthquake Safety

Solidarity on Walkathon Program for Earthquake Safety

By: Dibit Aryal
There are different types of sports played in the modern days. Many of the games are played for the competition purpose to win the prizes. But on the day of 21st January many of the participants were present to play the game for cause. The cause was preparedness for the disaster risk reduction and the game was walkathon.  

According to the data published by different organization there are many such places in Nepal which in the risk of disaster. The program was organized by the national society for earthquake technology (NSET) to raise the awareness among the public about the safety measures to be taken during and after the period of earthquake. Youths from “paschim paaila” showed the solidarity along with Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS), Disaster Preparedness Network Nepal (DPNet), Eco Nepal, Oxfam Nepal, Government officials from home ministry, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal Army and other organizations.

The walkathon was organized in Kirtipur municipal area and route was of 3.5 km around Kirtipur. Many of the participants were youths as well many of were from different age groups. The walkathon was formally started by the state minister for home ministry by cutting the ribbon. After the inauguration the minister himself walked along the mass. The march pass was being observed by the people from the local area and were very interested about the preparedness that has been made to reduce the risk of disaster in our country. Around 400 to 500 participants were present on the walkathon program. 

All the speakers sensitized the participants as well as the visitors over there. The interesting part of the program was that there was a lucky draw program after the completion of walkathon in which the 10 lucky winners were announced and presented the emergency bag which can be used during the disaster period for minimum 3 days. After the prize distribution the program was formally closed by thanks speech from Mr. Amod Mani Dixit, NSET.  

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