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Friday, April 6, 2012

Youths getting empowered on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Issues

By: Phurba Sange Moktan
Being key stakeholders for change, youths from different dynamics and arenas gathered to concern on the issues of WASH at “WASH Concern Workshop-III”- A full day training workshop focusing on youths on 17th March, 2012 at Thames Seminar Hall, Old-Baneshwor. The event was jointly organized “paschim paaila” and ENPHO with the venue support of Thames International College (TIC).

The workshop was based on open call participation. 21 youth participants from various institutions, organizations, clubs, etc. actively participated. The workshop was begun with the welcome remarks from Ms. Merina Shakya, event coordinator followed by the icebreaking from Ms. Kamala KC, Facilitator. First session was led by Mr. Brabim Chhetri, Secretary, AYON on “Youth as Change Maker” in which he shared his valuable personal experiences with change making examples that was very inspiring for the participants to do something by their own level. Similarly, Mr. Rajesh Adhikari, Program Manager, ENPHO took the second session on “Water, Health and Optimization” in which he delivered the ideas for drinking safe water and preserving water in present context, which was also found very fruitful. Then, the topic entitled, “Person Hygiene and Health” was led by Mr. Phurba Sange Moktan, Network Coordinator, “paschim paaila”. “Hygiene is about practicing in day to day life for self and caring self. Behaviour change is very crucial for hygiene promotion.” He said. Furthermore, Mr. Rajesh Manandhar, Program Manager, UNHABITAT shared about the importance of Waste Management with showing the solutions during his presentation entitled, “Sanitation and Waste Management”.

After the completion of thematic sessions, Team Synthesis and Performance session was facilitated by Mr. Phurba. Role playing, poem writing, slogan writing and statue presentation were performanced after the team synthesis from each team. On the basis of their team work and creativity, “Team of the batch” was declared. Likewise, Mr. Prabin Rai, one participant was also awarded from “WASH Ambassador Award” for being best participant for the workshop. Finally, the workshop was concluded with the participatory distribution of “Certificate of Participation”.

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