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Thursday, June 20, 2013

WASH Forum(May Series) on " ODF movement in Nepal and National Target"

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   With the mutual effort of Paschim Paaila and Environment and Public health organization(ENPHO), WASH Forum share a common platform for knowledge sharing and advocacy regarding water, sanitation and hygiene and disaster/epidemics. In this forum, basically current issue and it even tries to address the voice of diversified youth, communities and others.

   With an objective to provide an opportunity for social interaction and knowledge in WASH and its role on development and to critically analyze Youth's role in development, May series of WASH forum entitled "ODF Movement in Nepal and National Target" was successfully conducted on 24th May 2013.

   Mr. Guna Raj Shrestha, Executive Director of Community Development Forum was the key speaker in which there were total 21 participants. Mr. Shrestha during his sharing program highlighted the importance of ODF in all the levels. He motivated the youths to spread awareness of ODF as it is the most challenging issues in the present scenario in our country.

    During that session, Mr. Shrestha shared his long personal experience, motivational examples which really address the problem of Nepal. “Triggering tools, pressuring, reward/recognition will be the most effective to aware the people and to pass the message of WASH” he said.

   On a question raised, “How is ODF sustained where it is already declared? What about ODF in Kathmandu?” he replied, we can't change peoples’ thinking until and unless they are self aware, it is hard in Kathmandu but not impossible, as there should implement the government policy, we have to think and act seriously. Overall the program was facilitated by Mr. Roshan Chaulagain and the program was ended with group photo and interaction with participants.

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  1. Great news to hear....Hope......though Our and we youths does not comprises the hundred percent of the population, we can comprises hundred percent hope for our nation....to strengthen peace, progress and prosperity. Cheers!!!:)Yes.