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Friday, November 15, 2013

Deusi Vaailo for School-WASH (SWASH) Campaign-2070

Deusi Vaailo for School-WASH (SWASH) Campaign-2070

On the auspicious occasion of Tihar festival 2070 Paschim Paaila organized two days Deusi Vaailo Program on 1st and 4th, November 2013. The program was organized with a motive to develop good fellowship and strengthen bonding between the Paailas of Paschim Paaila and different supporting organizations and individuals; likewise the next main objective was raising funds for the effective conduction of School-WASH (SWASH) campaign.

 After the successful completion of the Construction of Community level (2000 liters) Bio-sand filter at Pathivara Tole, a Peri-urban squatter community in Kapan VDC of Kathmandu district with the fund raised from "Vaailo for Cause-2069". This year as well Paschim Paaila successfully organized "Deusi Vaailo for School-WASH (SWASH) Campaign-2070". Therefore, to disseminate information regarding WASH among school going students, youth of Paschim Paaila Played Deusi Vaailo at the aagaan of different organization and individuals.

There were more than 25 energetic Paailas involved for the grand success of Deusi Vaailo Program. The program was facilitated by Mr. Buddha Bajracharya Network Coordinator of Paschim Paaila. The contributors for Deusi Vaailo Program were ENPHO, CEN, Mr. Om Prasad Gautam, Mr. Murali Gopal Ranjitkar, Mr. Rabin Bastola with whom Paschim Paaila played Deusi Vaailo with great fun and entertainment.  

Deusi Vaailo was played with informative Deusi Vaailo songs, Drama and various single, free and group dances which created very delightful environment at the aagan of all the organizations and individuals.  While asking about feeling regarding the Deusi Vaailo Program with Event Coordinator for Deusi Vaailo Ms. Urmila Lama, she said," I am very much happy with the success of this program and would like to thank all the Paailas for their service above self, really youth power is greater than all."  

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