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Monday, June 16, 2014


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Paschim Paaila implemented its project under Paaila Idea fund - 2013 as "Dflxnfsf nflu kfO{nf"/ "Paailas for Women" at Thapathali Slum area, where 23 women’s of different age group (17-74 years) participated on 29th May, 2014. The program started with the general information about Paschim Paaila by Mr. Buddha Bajracharya, Network Coordinator of Paschim Paaila. The program was divided into two parts i.e. WASH and importance of Vermi-composting technique.
Mr. Bajracharya took a session of WASH whereby he gave idea on importance of water to the living creatures as well as present situation of Water in context of Nepal. According to him, “Slum area of Kathmandu is very prone to Water borne disease, once it catches a person it can be easily transmitted from person to person very soon.” Whereby, he gave examples of Jaundice in Biratnagar (2014) and epidemics in Jajarkot (2009). In addition to that, Mr. Bajracharya highlighted different ways of water purification viz. filtration (different approaches), boiling, SODIS, Chlorination (Piyus). Most of the participants took it positively and agreed to follow one of the water purification techniques. Then, he gave some idea about the healthy behaviour mainly focusing on "Hand washing techniques". All the participants vouched to follow ‘Ati-Pati’ technique from the very day.

Next session was taken by Mr. Regan Sapkota, Paaila idea fund 2013 winner took session on Vermi-composting technique. According to Mr. Sapkota Nepali are not Poor but the way of thinking is very poor. He added, vermiform composting can be lucrative source of income to many unemployed Nepalese as the worms produce ample compost and multiply their number very quickly. He highlighted various facts about the importance and effectiveness of vermin composting and urged the participants to practice this composting technique. All the participants were very much inspired so at the end of the session all the participants came to common understanding to start Vermi composting commercially so that this technique can help them financially to uplift their living standards. Most of the participants were motivated and said they will embark the Vermi-composting from their home. All the participants looked positive and were exhilarated and said programs was fruitful for them and they will soon follow the technique taught to them.

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