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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Youth initiative on GOAL for WASH Promotion - DRR

Youth Initiative on GOAL for WASH Promotion - DRR
On the occasion of World Environment Day and World Cup-2014, there was successfully conducted innovative campaign “GOAL for WASH-DRR (Water Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion and Disaster Risk Reduction) ” on 25th and 26th June, 2014 organized by Paschim Paaila and UDRM project. The main theme of this event was “Voice of all, Disaster Risk Reduction & WASH Promotion is Our GOAL”. The event was organized at seven different venues (Lalitpur sub-Metropolitan City-5, LSMC-19, LSMC-17, Imadol-6, LSMC-14, LSMC-15 and Dhapakhel-1) at lalitpur district.

The overall objectives of the program were to celebrate World Environment Day along with World Cup 2014 and raise awareness to community people as well as to disseminate knowledge and information to community people on importance of DRR, Emergency preparedness and Emergency WASH. Altogether 310 people (including child, youth, old age) actively participated during the program.

A goal post made of bamboo was decorated that reflected the message of water, sanitation hygiene and disaster. Inside the post, an easy pan was placed in which the participants had to target the pan by shooting the ball. 
Those who made the right target, were provided gifts such as PIYUSH, flexs with messaged on DRR and WASH, Posters etc. “This is a very unique and innovative idea to raise awareness and dissimenate information of WASH and disaster to the community people. I liked this approach very much” said one of the participants. The volunteers from Paschim Paaila along with members from DMC of different wards gave their effort to make this event effective and successful.  

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