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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

“Uhileko Kura, Bhairav Daisanga” became wonderful experience for youths

“Uhileko Kura, Bhairav Daisanga” became wonderful experience for youths

By: Phurba Sange Moktan

“Every new name of toilet represents a new generation in Nepal”-Bhairav Risal

Since decades, tremendous efforts has been done from various NGOs, INGOs, GOs and Private sectors to improve water, sanitation and hygiene status of Nepal. Technology has become a remarkable factor for effective and sustainable practices of water and sanitation. With considering such factor a WASH FORUM (interaction program) was conducted with Mr. Bhairav Risal, senior environmental journalist and sanitation leader of age 82 to share his immensely valuable life experiences among about 40 youths.

During his age, very few people used latrine for defecation purpose even in the capital city, also had myth that it should be stink to be a toilet. So, people usually didn’t wash it. He also revealed the bitter situation of Supreme Court that had no ladies toilet before few years back, unless a lady judge was appointed. Likewise, the short story told by him also became learning for participants.
After sharing experience of being engaged on various social movements and contributing remarkable efforts like lighting program on Humla, distribution of nail cutters, toilets construction campaign, etc., he made his point that unless the physical conservative mindset of people changed, there won’t be any drastic transformation on any sectors including WASH. For that everyone need to do whatever and whenever he can. He said, “Every new name of toilet represents a new generation in Nepal and technologies definitely helped a lot to improve the WASH access and coverage, so, it should also be affordable and accessible by communities.” Finally, he concluded his points with focusing school children as most effective sanitation messengers for promoting and replicating sanitation facilities and technologies.

Following his sharing, WASH-RCNN released some video footages related to the topic that was taken by the volunteers from SUN Nepal on different localities of Kathmandu Valley, also helped to understand and interpret the technological transformation on WASH.

Overall, the program was made very informative and motivational, even the sharing was squeezed on short duration. Finally, the WASH FORUM was concluded around 4:30 pm.

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