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Monday, July 30, 2012

Paschim Paaila on its 4th Year

Paschim Paaila on its 4th Year

July 28, 2012: With the theme of “Fun with good deeds” Paschim Paaila celebrated its 3rd birthday by sharing knowledge on menstrual hygiene at Seti Devi School –Pharping on 17th July 2012. Program was particularly focused on girls of lower secondary and secondary level.  In the knowledge sharing program physiological changes, social taboos, cultural aspects, nutritional aspects and psychological aspects was discussed among the participants. Basic knowledge on alternative pad making process was demonstrated. Changes during adolescence period were also discussed among boys of secondary level in the same school.
Program was followed by lightening the candle to raise awareness among all for creating Nepal an epidemic free nation. The objective of the program was to show deep sympathy for the untimely demise of all the disaster victims of Jajarkot epidemic, Seti flood and Bajura landslide and other emergencies. This candle lightening program was celebrated at Basantapur Dabali.  More than 150 youth were gathered showed their solidarity for creating epidemic free Nepal.

With the aim of sharing past update and plan of action for FY 12/13, annual sharing program was conducted at ENPHO hall on 28th July, 2012. Focal person from water Aid Nepal, Clean Energy Nepal, ENPHO, PR foundation, Kathmandu Training Center were guest for the program. Executive board of Paschim paaila was reformed from immediate past president “Mr. Giri Khatri”.  Mr. Phurba Sange Moktan endorsed guiding document and past updates of Paschim Paaila.  Positive commitment was   made from guest speakers to support vision of Paschim Paaila. To encourage the new ideas and to enhance the creativity of youths “Paaila Ideal Fund” was announced on the same day. Finally event was concluded by screening Paschim Paaila documentary entitled “Youths leading for change”.