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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deusivailo spread the messages: “Togetherness for water”

Deusivailo spread the messages: “Togetherness for water”

Tihar is considered as 2nd greatest festival of Nepal. And “DeusiVailo” is one of traditional culture that is generally played for fun on this occasion. People form different age group plays deusi and vailo for entertainment from which people raise some funds; they all have their own purposes of raising fund.

Following this culture, youths from Paschim Paaila in collaboration with Pathivara Nava Yuva Club, Pathivara tole played DeusiVailo at different organizations and different community. This program was organized with the aim of raising funds that can be used for social cause as youth led initiatives.

The cause for the program was to upgrade the existing water supply facilities and constructing Bio-Sand Filter of Pathivara Community, Kapan VDC. Youths form Pathivara community contributed their talent for their own community which really inspires other youths as well. The objective was to support the efforts of youths from Pathivara to construct Bio-Sand Filter that can supply water to whole community and also to develop the better fellowship between community, Youths and various organizations working in the Environmental Health and Disaster sector.

“Deusivailo” program was played on six different organizations which were Environment & Public Health Organization (ENPHO), WASH-Resource Center Network Nepal (WASH-RCNN), AYON, UN-HABITAT, Oxfam, Clean Energy Nepal on 13th November, 2012. These organizations showed their support financially and also committed for technical support. This program was able to collect good fund and establish better relation with different organization that are working in the sector of WASH and environment. Total NRs. 28,401/- was collected form these organizations.

The team of Pathivara are now preparing for the implementation of the program. Further more Regional Technical Advisor of UN-Habitat, Mr. Bhusan Tuladhar, said -“UN-Habitat will always be there for other technical support as well if needed”. These words boosted up the energy of Youths from Pathivara and Paschim Paaila. Also all other organizations were delighted to be the part of the events and they also enjoyed a lot with the team.

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