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Monday, January 7, 2013

Youths getting information on Gender and WASH as the matter of concern

Youths getting information on Gender and WASH as the matter of concern

WASH forum is a common interaction forum for knowledge sharing and advocacy regarding water, sanitation & hygiene which is conducted every last Friday of English month. Following this trend, in 28th December 2012, WASH forum entitled “Gender and WASH: A matter of Key concern to Youth” was held at Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) hall, Thapagaun, New Baneswor.
The objective of the forum was set as to provide the opportunity for social interaction and knowledge sharing on Sanitation, Gender and Youth; and to critically analyze the issues of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) relating to gender and Youth, focusing on how it can be a matter of concern to this particular group.

Nurse by profession, Ms. Kalawati Pokhrel, country coordinator of Nepal WASH Alliance (NWA) was the key speaker of the WASH forum who not only drew youth’s attention towards Gender friendly WASH and its importance but also made us realize about the current scenario of water, sanitation and hygiene. Her long experience and good sense of humor kept the spirit of the forum where she even showed us the proper way of formation of WASH committee which is gender friendly and inclusive. Ms. Pokhrel related youths with gender, and requested them to be honest, sincere, responsible and corruption free.
The program had total 32 participants which was facilitated by Mr. Roshan Chaulagain, and coordinated by Ms. Rubita Pulami. Mr. Rajesh Adhikari, Promotional Manager of ENPHO, encouraged the participants with his enthusiastic welcome speech and Mr. Phurba sange Moktan inspired them with his concluding words.
“Creating income generating activities in the community involving entire group, male, female and specially Youth, will help Youths to get engage in the development activities and there will be equal distribution of work” answered Ms. Pokhrel upon the query of one participant that how cooperation between male , female and youth at Village can be done.

Prepared by: Rubita Pulami.

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  1. Very wonderful sharing by Kalawati madam...those lucky people who got the opportunity to learn her experiences should share with others, so as to make the learning even more fruitful. Those who missed it, better luck next time. I felt amazing to be part of the sharing forum. cheers!!!