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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Young steps for epidemic free Nepal Marking 4th Anniversary of Paschim Paaila

Young steps for epidemic free Nepal Marking 4th Anniversary of Paschim Paaila
Paailas for Epedimic Free Nepal
“The journey that started to control diarrhea epidemic at Jajarkot and western part of Nepal in 2009 has continued for four years and will continue till we achieve epidemic free Nepal,” committed Buddha Bajracharya, Campaign coordinator at Paschim Paaila in “Diyo Lightning Program” at Swayambhunath on 17th July organized to celebrate 4th Anniversary of Paschim Paaila marking Peace of all departed soul due to Epidemic and Disaster in Nepal.

                                                                        “When we started our journey we did not do big things, we just distributed Piyush and Jeevan jal. It looks simple but this helped in overcoming the epidemic,” shared Giri Khatri, Immediate past president of Paschim Paaila. He also urged all the participants to join hands for achieving the goal of epidemic free Nepal. “We youths need to identify where we are needed the most, is it these less vulnerable urban areas or those vulnerable rural areas?” he motivated all.

 Bhusan Sir joining Paailas
Paailas (volunteers of Paschim Paaila) from different area and time period along with wannabe paailas and other supporters of Paschim Paaila team gathered at Swayabhunath and wished for its successful completion of four years and prayed peace to all the departed soul due to epidemic and disasters in Nepal on different time periods.

Environmentalists Bhusan Tuladhar and Shriju Pradhan along with employees of Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) joined the program to motivate all the Paailas to continue their good work. Congratulating Paschim Paaila for their four years completion, Kamal Tara Bajracharya, Youth Focal Person from Family Planning Association Nepal (FPAN) expressed that FPAN is willing to work in coordination with youths. Merina Shakya, Network coordinator of Paschim Paaila thanked all supporters and well-wishers and expected to get continuous help from all. Bhintuna Shrestha from Resource Centre Network Nepal (RCNN) praised all the activities of Paschim Paaila and wished for further development of team and epidemic free Nepal.
All the participants expressed their commitment to contribute for the epidemic free Nepal and light diyo to pray peace to the departed souls caused by epidemic.

The program ended with a group photograph with the slogan “Epidemic free Nepal: Let’s not face another epidemic in Nepal.”

By: Pratap Maharjan and Buddha Bajracharya

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