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Friday, August 2, 2013

Annual Sharing Meeting of Paschim Paaila

Annual Sharing meeting of Paschim Paaila on the occasion of 4th anniversary was held at 20th July, 2013 at ENPHO hall, Thapagaun on Saturday. Paschim Paaila is an informal youth network focused on environmental health with water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and disasters/epidemics as social concern which was formed on July 17, 2009 after the outbreak of Diarrhea/Cholera epidemic in Mid and Far Western region of Nepal with a youthful spirit of selfless volunteer service.
After the warm welcome by MC Ms. Karuna Bhattarai, Guests and all the participants were chaired. The Guest were Mr. Phurba Sange Moktan, President of Paschim Paaila, Mr. Giri Raj Khatri, Past President of Paschim Paaila, Mr. Bipin Dangol, Program Manager of ENPHO and Mr. Prajwol Shrestha, Program Manager of ENPHO Mr. Raman Nepali, Youth Activist, Mr. Anil Shrestha, Youth Activist, Mr. Om Prasad Gautam, Researcher,.
Ms. Kamala KC, Past Campaign Coordinator and active paaila of Paschim Paaila welcomed all the participants continuing the program by documentary screening entitled "The candles for water". Ms. Merina Shakya, Network Coordinator of Paschim Paaila, started the Annual Sharing starting with its introduction, vision, mission and objectives. The key activities like impact study of Su-Swastha pariyojana, series of wash concern workshop, wash forum, etc. with glimpse of Paschim Paaila were shared. Milestones like deusi bhailo, WASH awareness raising toolkit, SWASH Campaign and successful celebration of 4th anniversary of Paschim Paaila with inter school drawing competition and Diyo lightening at Swyambhu were shared.

Ms.  Urmila Lama was declared as Paaila of the year 2012/13 announced by Mr. Dangol giving her congratulation and best wishes. Certificates to the participants of Drawing competition, WASH Concern Workshop and Awareness raising toolkit implementation was then distributed.
Then Paaila Idea Fund 2013, basket fund innovated by the paailas handed over to 2-3 genuine ideas in the field of WASH and Disaster. This time the fund was provided to Mr. Regan Sapkota for "Mahila Ka Paaila" and Mr. Niroj Maharjan for "Blood Pressure Weight Monitoring and WASH Awareness Camp."
The Annual sharing again resumed with the declaration by Ms. Merina Shakya to hand over the Network Coordinator post to Mr. Buddha Bajracharya for the fiscal Year 2013/14. Certificate to the volunteers of School WASH (SWASH) campaign, Drama and those who helped in the coordination of events for 4th Anniversary of Paschim Paaila was distributed.

Mr. Bipin Dangol, then shared the guest remark where he suggested Paschim Paaila to never lose the essence i.e. Youth spirit and Volunteerism i.e. if they are placed parallel then only Paschim Paaila can sustain. He even requested to include as much as more paailas who were there at the beginning of the initiative, because their knowledge and experience can also help Paschim paaila to move forward.
 Mr. Raman Nepali and Mr. Anil Shrestha as a guest energized the participants with their motivational speech and various examples which indeed added an extra gem to the annual sharing of Paschim Paaila.  Mr. Giri raj Khatri shared, the journey next is not easy but if all of us are committed then it is not so difficult as well. Mr. Buddha Bajracharya shared ongoing activities, Pipeline activities and avenues wise future planning of Paschim Paaila.
 Mr. Phurba Sange Moktan, President of Paschim Paaila, Mr. Om Prasad Gautam and Mr. Prajwol Shrestha inspired and showed the way ahead with their innovative ideas. Their presence has always leaded Paschim Paaila to a way forward and will always is how Ms. Merina Shakya addressed their support and words.

The Annual Sharing was then followed by cake cutting ceremony along with some photos. 

Written By: Manisha Thapaliya

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