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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Youth Day Celebration with Talk Program on “Scope and Role of Youth in Environment and Health Sector with Bhushan Tuladhar”

Youth Group photo
On the special occasion of International Youths Day (IYD) 12th august, 2013, Paschim Paaila organized a Talk program on Scope and Role of youth in the sector of Environment and Health with Mr. Bhusan Tuladhar, Environmentalist as resource person for the program.  
Token Of love to Bhushan Sir
Mr.Buddha Bajracharya, Network Coordinator of Paschim Paaila welcomed all the 48 energetic youth from various backgrounds with brief objective of talk program as to get motivated and inspired by Bhushan sir regarding role and scope of youth in sector of environment and health with Grand celebration of IYD with Paschim Paaila. 
Mr. Tuladhar started his session focusing on the role of youth rather than scope with fact that, “Youths are not future but present among them top 5% are in this room.” Youths are for today i.e. youth’s empowerment should be utilized for today. He further focused on how one can utilize the resources that they have. He raised three questions in that case, Where are we? Where do we want to go? And how can we reach there? He mentioned that most of people get confused on where they are? So one should first know that where they are in the present situation.
During the program
He also talked about SWOT/C (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat/Challenges) in which SW is the internal factor whereas OT is the external factor. He listed as a youth of Nepal, strength of youth from among the youth present in the program which were Unity, Hard working, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Volunteering, Patriotism, Skill and Knowledge, Decision making power, Hopefulness and Patience, Honesty, Self confidence, Cooperative and Optimistic. Among all these points, he focused in the point Optimistic the most.
Similarly, the weakness of youth were listed as Negative Attitude, Confusion, Hopelessness, Lack of patience, Blaming other, Aggressiveness, Jealousy, Low self esteem, Selfishness, Afraid of initiation, Stubborn, Bounding in making decision, Selfish politics, Communication problem and so on. The youths should always focus on positive attitude rather than negative attitude so that they can understand themselves that where they are right now Mr. Tuladhar suggested. He mentioned Success is 90% attitude and 10 % work. Success can start with own strength. He further talked about the entrepreneurship.
He inspired the youth to be proactive along with volunteer spirit. "Don’t depend on other to tell you that what you should do this or that." One should think in a broad way that how he/she can do something different than other.
Participant Interacting
The program moved towards discussion where participants raised lots of queries "what may be the possible threats in the sector of environment and public health? Are they vulnerable?" and the solution were also given to those queries as we must remember “Russian Rule” that “I must do it in order to get rid of it”, must have willingness to learn, courage to make mistake and confidence or pair of support may be missing. Also asked by participant as she wants to do something innovative but have no confidence and what she can do in that case? One of the participants gave suggestion that stand in front of mirror and say that "I am the one I can do, today is my day and start it today." In between of smile and non smile, there is a gap and that gap is the great thing that motivates yourself and other.
At the end of the program Mr. Tuladhar was appreciated with Token of love. Likewise Mr. Bajracharya Thanked all the participants and resource person for making the program a grand success and also collected feedback to make to program more effective in the future with sharing about Emergency Relief Fund (ERF). Some of the youth donated some amount for ERF. Finally a group photo was taken and the floor was closed.

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