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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hong Kong Red Cross Paschim Paaila Youth Exchange Program

Hong Kong Red Cross Paschim Paaila Youth Exchange Program

Two days “Hong Kong Red Cross Paschim Paaila ENPHO Youth Exchange” program was
conducted on 26th and 27th July, 2014 in Kathmandu. The main agendas of this exchange program were to share the knowledge, information, different activities and technologies regarding the WASH as well as to build up strong network and collaboration potentials in the future. The youth exchange program had been good platform for both Paschim Paaila as well as Hong Kong Red Cross youth team to explore about both countries WASH practices, culture and youth initiatives.

Mr. Bipin Dangol, Program Manager, ENPHO introduced about ENPHO and shared the activities/WASH technologies that ENPHO has been promoting since last 2 decades. Mr. Dangol shared the WASH issues of Nepal. The team were taken to field observation visit to provide detail information about the WASH technologies (ECOSAN toilet, Rain water harvesting & bio-sand filter) promoting by ENPHO at Gundu VDC, Bhaktapur and two different communities; Chysal, Lalitpur and Pathivara slum community where there were also organized interaction with local youth volunteers of Paschim Paaila. 

On the second day, Mr. Buddha Bajracharya, Network Coordinator, Paschim Paaila gave the brief
introduction about Paschim Paaila and shared the different activities done by Paschim Paaila. Similarly, Hong Kong Red Cross team presented the activities they have been conducting. Mr. Raman Nepali, Youth Activist of Nepal was invited as guest speaker who shared the roles of youth through different motivational and inspiration words and helped in the process of strong bonding between volunteers from both team. Mr. Nepali helped in the process of collaborative initiatives that Paschim Paaila and Hong Kong Red Cross can start in future. Both the teams were very much impressed with each other initiatives and drafted a conclusion to work further in various activities in the future.

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  1. i found Paschim Paaila team very supportive and well coordinating with the youth working with WASH issues.