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Friday, September 26, 2014

Street Drama for Total Sanitation Campaign

Street Drama for Total Sanitation Campaign
Street Drama raising awareness and sensitizing people about five components of healthy living (safe drinking water, proper use and maintenance of toilet, personal hygiene including proper hand washing practices, indoor air pollution and solid waste management) was successfully conducted at the streets of Nagarkot VDC by the volunteers of Paschim Paaila under SWASH project Nagarkot. 

The street drama was organized for the success of Total Sanitation Campaign running at Nagarkot VDC starting from 28th August to 5th September, 2014. After some days of practice, volunteers performed their first drama in Jalpa Devi Temple in Telkot on the day of Teej, the festival of Hindu women. “I liked the drama and the message in the drama was very useful” said by one of the viewers after the drama. The feedback collected after the drama was positive and they appreciated the effort of the performers. 

The first day drama helped the volunteers to know the real scenario of the Nagarkot and were all prepared for their next performance. Accordingly the 12 shows gone fantastic with the support of local people of Nagarkot VDC and also with assistance of Mr. Rajesh Byanjankar, Project Assistant, ENPHO. 

The drama group performed dramas in different places of Nagarkot VDC including community, school, bus stop and market areas. The feedbacks collected after the drama encouraged the volunteers and the objective to make the viewer aware about complete sanitation was found to be fulfilled.

The volunteers also performed some dramas reaching to inner villages along with the Sarangi players. They added up extra flavor in enhancing the supporting environment for performing drama. The music along the drama caught the attention of the people around the village. Everybody enjoyed the drama along with the message through music.

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