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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Community Sensitization Campaign for Healthy Environment

Community Sanitation Sensitization Campaign for Healthy Environment

By: Giri Raj Khatri
On the occasion of World Environment Day-11 and National Sanitation Week-68, community sanitation sensitization campaign was launched on two communities of Kathmandu Valley in which the event were supported from ENPHO and UN-Habitat Urban Youth Fund. Different sorts of activities were conducted in Chyasal Community, Lalitpur and Pathivara Community, Kathmandu during June 6-9, 2011.

The local Youth WASH Circle in coordination with youth clubs, CBOs, Mother Groups organized series of event. More than 500 people were aware through the documentary entitled 'Dhalmati'. Similarly, Community cleaning initiatives were launched in both communities for a week with active participation of youths and other community people. Different public place, street, schools were cleaned up.

In addition, different hygiene behavior like proper hand washing technique, POU option for water treatment, Solid waste management system were shared by trained youths. The drawing competition was also organized at pathivara tole under the theme ‘children for water and sanitation’ and the prize was distributed to the winner at the last day of the campaign. Also, they committed to follow such activates in future in planned way to create surrounding area healthy and environmentally friendly. "Today I feel proud myself because I contribute something to my society"- said by Yusna Banjankar, event coordinator, Chayasal Youth Club-WASH Circle.

The campaign was conducted under National Environment-Sanitation Week-2011, June 1-14, 2011” which was jointly organized by ENPHO/"paschim paaila" and NYCA in collaboration with different other stakeholders.

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