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Monday, June 13, 2011

One more step towards healthy communities

One more step towards healthy communities

By: Mr. Ritesh Manandhar
“paschim paaila” organized a school WASH awareness program focusing on to aware the children from Nuns Welfare Foundation Nepal - Arya Tara Thangka Primary School Bhanjyang, Pharping on May 20, 2011.

The programme entailed songs, a short drama, slide presentations entitled, ‘Water pollution, their sources and process of their purifications’ and ‘Hygiene Promotion and Hand Washing’ followed by a docu-drama titled ‘Barsha’. The most important aspect was not only that the team informed them or just made them aware but the team also demonstrated the 6 proper ways of hand washing. An overwhelming response was received and in return, the children who learnt the proper ways of hand washing determined to teach their friends. A great achievement!

The numbers of total participants including teachers of the school were 70 in total. Respected Ani Choying Dolma, who is also the founder of the same school, was also present to encourage proper learning. Furthermore, It is not the sole responsibility of organizations only but is of everyone, especially youth group who should emerge up to combat the tragedies of death toll to ensure a healthy life of an individual and healthy nation as a whole.

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