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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Exploring the Chandragiri Hill with fun and learn way

Exploring the Chandragiri Hill with fun and learn way

3rd WASH Leadership Hiking with environment/sanitation special was conducted on June 10, 2011 at Chandragiri Hill via Machchhegaun trail. Likely the previous hikings, with the theme, “Seventy five percent fun, twenty five percent learn and hundred percent fellowship”, the hiking was begun from Machchhenarayan Temple, Machchhegaun at around 8 pm morning.

Firstly, participants were gathered on Old-Buspark at 7 pm and headed towards the base point i.e. Machchhegaun. At Machchhegaun, participants had breakfast along with some recreation with worshiping Machchhenarayan and Bouddha stupa located at Machchhegaun and then, around 9 pm geared up for the gutsy hike.

As the hiking was interlinked with WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and Leadership, tasks were given as leadership for team building and issue based presentation with dividing 3 teams with respect of Water, Sanitation and Green. Participants played and showed different exercises like team work game, statue presentation and song presentation for respective issues at two mid points and final point. Then, again panel discussions were made on the three topics from different three resource persons from different fields. “This is the great experience and sharing for me as well, because it is making me youthful with energizing me to have sharing at this top of Kathmandu Valley with so many motivated hikers,” said by Dr. Murali Gopal Ranjitkar, Resource person, hiker, aged 54. After having some more cultural song and dance, the hikers returned back with following another trail of Matatirtha with having songs’ chorus on the way. “This is one of my immense experiences for hiking, which is completely different and worthy occurrence than the rest. And I think, fun, learn and fellowship at a time is really making this hiking awesome,” said by Ratneshwor Shah, one hiker.

Finally, the hiking was concluded around 5 pm at Matatirtha Bus Station. The hiking was conducted with the joint effort of “paschim paaila”, NYCA, SEAT and SEN and supported by ENPHO, SERDEN and DEAN where 25 youths from various background and dynamics were participated. The 4th series of WASH Leadership hiking intends to be conducted on November, 2011. Are you also ready for fun with learn???

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