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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Exhibiting eco-ideas on Eco-Fair

By: Merina Shakya

Food, Cloth and Shelter are considered as basic need for all living beings. But now “Healthy and Eco-friendly Environment” can also be considered as a part of basic need. Environment, as we know is being degraded day by day due to human activities. This is the time to be environmental friendly and save environment for the future generation. Inorder to allocate knowledge regarding environmental friendly materials and applications to general public, Himal Media announced the first-ever trade fair showing the environmentally friendly technologies and lifestyles at Nepal at Nepal Academy on February 11-12. 

ENPHO, “paschim paaila” and Niva Rain also took part at Eco-fair. They exhibited models of constructed Wetland, Eco-san toilet, Bio-Sand Filter, P/A Vial, working model of Rainwater harvesting, waste water treatment and Reuse. Visitors from different institutions/organizations and general public were pleased to know about the concept of Zero Waste techniques through Eco-home. They were also curious to know about Eco-San and its mechanism. Visitors were specially praising the works and showed their interest on event. “This is really new and innovative technology and we should give a try to this one” –said one of visitor after knowing about Eco-San toilet.

The exhibition was inaugurated on 10 February, 2012 by lightning the solar light instead of traditional light. More than 40 exhibitors had stalls on the fair which showed Nepal’s progress in environmentally friendly techniques.

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  1. I would like to know more and more about this new technology. How is it possible? If possible please provide me about this technology.