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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sharing on “Disaster and Epidemics” at School

Disaster is unexpected and destructive event that may occur any time with
less or no warning, therefore it is necessary to be prepared for such events. In order to make people aware regarding disaster, its effects and safety “paschim paaila” conducted a class at Lovely Angel English Boarding School, Faika Chowk Kapan. Class was conducted on 3rd February 2012, for half day together with students from class 7-9.Youths from “paschim paaila” shared their knowledge on Disaster, its general types but main focus was given to the Earthquake. As for Nepal “Earthquake” is considered as major disaster, information  regarding its impact and safety measures that can be applied at Pre-event, during and Post event should be provided and shared.
Earthquake itself is a great disaster as we can never know exact time, date and place of the earthquake. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to be well prepared. Not only we but all people of the nation should be made aware about such disasters. Kathmandu valley is placed in the earthquake susceptible environs. Inhabitants of these places are aware of the threat that may be produced due to the earthquake but still they are ignoring the whole story .All these issues should be openly discussed at school level too.
In order to make the class more interactive, the class was conducted as interaction, learning & sharing session through paper presentation. We could see active involvement of student. Students showed their interest on the topic “Earthquake and epidemics” where they shared their ideas regarding these issues.The classes also helped them to boost up their information arena. They learned about the nature and the impact the earthquake, epidemic that may arises after the disaster, different safety methods applicable during the events.

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