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Friday, February 3, 2012

Youths for initiating WASH Resource Center

Youths for initiating WASH Resource Center

By: Kamala KC

Urban poor population in Kathmandu valley is rapidly increasing which is causing environmental health risks associated with unsafe drinking water, lack of sanitation facilities, poor hygiene behavior and improper management of waste. To address these, "paschim paaila" in partnership with ENPHO and UNHABITAT has been implementing the 'WASH Led Youth Empowerment Project in two selected urban poor communities of Kathmandu Valley' in coordination with local youths and other stakeholder. As a part of this project, Youth Led WASH Resource Center was established in each community on December, 2011.

Considering the proverb by Ralph Ellison “Education is all a matter of building bridges”, it is very important that all have access and right to information. With the objective of providing knowledge and common platform for learning and sharing center on water, sanitation and hygiene for Youths, Children and community people, WASH Resource Centre was established with active leadership of Chayasal Youth Club (CYC) and Pathivara Nava Yuwa Club (PNYC) at Shramik Shanti Higher Secondary School (SSHSS) and Pathivara Primary School (PPS) respectively.

Community WASH Resource Centers are playing vital roles for the exploration of the knowledge on the issues related to the WASH.  The School Children and the community people are utilizing their free time by studying the literature, researches and other information regarding the WASH issues. “Youths who are highly eager in working for the sensitization on the Water, sanitation and Health and in search for enhancing the knowledge get good platform” said by Miss Sunjina Byanjankar, Youth from Chayasal Yuwa Red Cross Circle. All community people, school teachers and children were highly welcoming this initiative of local youths. “We all teachers and students are really inspire by this good initiative” said by Mr. Shyam Lal Byanjankar, Principle of SSHSS. “I believe that all our students and community people get more knowledge through this resource Centre and will contribute in the sector of WASH and environment” he added.

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